Need Help?

That's what Golem Computing is all about. Whether it's helping to troubleshoot a problem with a desktop or laptop computer, building a custom website or developing a database, Golem Computing is here to help. With years of experience in all aspects of the IT field, Golem Computing specializes in understanding the needs of customers regardless of their IT savvy or skills, putting in place a plan and executing it to solve the customers' problems.

No Problem Too Small

Having problem with a printer? Can't find your document? Golem Computing is happy to help. We will make the time to help you, at your pace.

Platform Agnostic

Windows? Mac? Linux? Golem Computing has experience troubleshooting, installing and configuring on all of these platforms, and is happy to help you regardless of your system. Whatever works best for you, Golem Computing is there to back you up.

Comes to You

Doctors and IT specialists are often reluctant to make housecalls. Golem Computing is happy to come to your home or business. Golem Computing is as happy to help you by phone or email, or online, but recognizes that sometimes the best help is right there beside you.